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We help businesses maintain an online presence that cuts through the clutter of today’s Internet. Our approach is based on casting the largest net for new customers, and knowing where to fish in the first place.

It takes a lot of work to keep your website and your brand on top of the search results these days. A successful campaign needs to properly balance both paid and organic search efforts.

At ACT Web Marketing, we understand that staying current with search engine optimization and digital marketing best practices is absolutely crucial when trying to keep up with the almighty Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Achieving a high rank for related keywords in your industry can still be both an art, and a science. Keeping up with the correct tools and techniques for all search engines is the only way to stay on top.

From paid ad campaigns to competitive analysis, we can help with your search engine optimization and continuing digital outreach for your brand. We’ll help set up a plan, implement it, and report our results accurately and consistently, in language you can understand.

Success Stories – Happy clients that chose ACT Web Marketing for their SEO and digital marketing:

From day one, Aaron at ACT Web Marketing was enthusiastic and eager to dive into our needs of website and marketing issues. He asked intelligent questions to get the answers he needed to build our website, and then to start marketing our business and products better.

ACT is always really good at explaining how things they’re working on are going to help us when we don’t understand, and they prove it. They have a vast knowledge of what are the most efficient practices in digital marketing to get you the best results, and Aaron constantly keeps up with the changing world of internet search engines.

Aaron is always asking about new ways he could help gather the information needed to keep up with our needs. His willingness and abilities to take over responsibilities has taken a big load off my shoulders. The effects of all Aaron’s efforts have been increased sales, a better Web presence, and the peace of mind in knowing that we’re making a constant purposeful effort to increase business, and we can prove that it’s working. I’ve enjoyed Aaron’s down-to-earth personality and intelligent sense of humor. He has been a great resource for us.

Jamie Sawyer

Owner, Attachment Service Centers | D&S Hydraulics

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