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We use today’s best professional tools and our years of SEO experience to analyze your website’s technical SEO performance, and provide you with an affordable and easy-to-understand set of reports and plans designed to maximize your website’s search traffic.

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What steps do we take to perform your $500 Website SEO Audit?


  • Confirm that your website uses 301 redirects to show browsers the same version of your website, no matter what domain theyare typing into the address bar to find you. Some folks still type the “www”, and some may not remember to use https, but with the proper 301 redirects you can take care of this.
  • Make sure that Google and other search engines can “see” the pages of your website by confirming that they’re being indexed.
  • Use a professional tool to crawl your website to see technical information about it’s SEO structure, and to check for issues and errors.
  • What happens when you search for your own business or brand name? In a perfect SEO world, of course your own website would be at the top of the search results. We check to make sure, and make a plan just in case it isn’t.
Website SEO Audit for 500 dollars from ACT Web Marketing


  • Confirm that your website’s most-viewed pages have the proper on-page SEO structure – this means the correct number and placement of things like H1 and H2 tags, meta titles and descriptions, and keywords and phrases that you’re targeting to place better in search results.
  • Make sure that you’re not repeating yourself too much on any different pages, and especially that your website content doesn’t exactly match any other websites. Duplicating content is seen as very bad as far as search engines are concerned, and it doesn’t lend your website any credibility with human readers either. Each page of your website should have plenty of relevant information for it’s viewers.
  • Check the speed at which your website’s pages load in browsers – the faster the better!


Now we take a deeper dive into the world of Google‘s tools like Analytics, Search Console, and the Structured Data Testing Tool. This is where we mark up certain kinds of content, figure out where your website’s current traffic is coming from, and find it’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to SEO performance.

Website SEO audits for $500 from ACT


This is where we form a strategy and create a specific plan based on our findings. We’ll suggest ways to streamline your website by removing outdated or underperforming content, find out what websites are linking to yours and investigate ways to increase those links, and we’ll examine opportunities to focus on new keywords and create content that your website’s viewers will trust and share.

Claim your $500 Website SEO Audit today – simply call us at 458-206-1928, or use the form below:

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